Many have come to Ystrad, seeking the promises that the Order makes with its incredible Night Root Elixir. Extracted from the Night Root tree, it is distilled down to its most powerful essence: enhancing power, curing sicknesses and prolonging life. Those who experience the Elixir, rarely stop after they've had it once, craving the power it brings; nor do they understand the side effects, the ties to the Dreaming that come with the miracles.

Every being that comes into contact with the Night Root, unknowingly, becomes a conduit for the energy of the Dreaming. In Ystrad, this has turned the city itself into a spiritual bridge. Over time, the Night Root works its way into every part of the body, binding itself to blood, bone and cells. Then it begins to change things, evolving from the inside out. Slowly, the person becomes tainted, evolving into what is commonly known as 'the Corrupted'. Eventually, they can mutate into full blown monsters. These are the creatures that the Aedola destroy, beings that were once normal but have become raging beasts subject only to their murderous whims.

Every Corrupted is different, though there are common mutations. If you play a character that is tainted or Corrupted, you can choose from the Curses & Blessings list. All roleplay rules are still in effect and choosing to go down this path has the potential for character death if you choose to become a monster, so please keep that in mind. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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