There are many places that a character can find a job for themselves and it is recommended especially for players starting new characters. With a number of options already established and business spaces to rent for your own ideas, working an ic job gives a place to engage with others and getting involved in the deeper plots on sim.

All sim established businesses are assumed to have NPC owners unless indicated otherwise. You do not need to track down someone to be 'hired' you can simply assume that the NPC owner hired you. Some sim established businesses may have actual player character managers who have earned their positions. In this case you will want to get to know the character and ensure you don't give them a reason to fire you. If you wish to work for a sim established business simply contact a member of the sim staff or the manager of the business to begin your employment.

Business Managers are required to give characters a chance for a job unless there is some out of character issues or there is a valid in character issue that would make it impossible. If you wish to work for a privately managed business, simply contact the owner and ask them what is the best way to get started.

  • Bath House: Nairn (InbhirNarann)
  • Whyght Tavern(has a rentable room): 
  • Blacksmith(this is a rentable location): 
  • Medium Shop(this is a rentable location): 
  • Small Shop: 
  • Large Shop: 
  • Hospital(has a rentable room):
  • Arena: 

there are various smaller spots around the sim that do not have specific designations but could be used if there is interest

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