When the Corrupted began attacking the city, the Order turned to those beneath for help. The Umbra had long been warriors and Arturo recruited heavily from their ranks, calling them the Aedola, shades of Death. This proved a wise decision, for the fierce elves decimated the creatures and were sworn to an Oath that pitted them against any and all who threatened Ystrad. 

But they were not immune to the siren song of the Elixir, many needing it to heal wounds or even save their lives after the Corrupted attacks. And those that hunt, soon became those that were hunted. The corruption spread through the Aedola like fire, causing an outbreak that almost destroyed them. The populace turned on them, murdering them with a bloodthirsty vengeance that nearly brought the city to war.

When the Purge finally ended, the Aedola left the city, returning to Nurem and the sanctuary found there. There they act as guardians and leaders amongst the population that calls it home. But they continue to hunt, moving amongst the wary populace to seek out the Corrupted and the monsters that terrorize. 

  • The Aed
  • Aedolon

*this is a sim created faction that is open to all races

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