Every character in Ystrad is subject to the available Curses & Blessings if they have been exposed to corruption or heavy doses of Elixir. An admin will inform you when you have reached this level of exposure. When this occurs, you will be asked to roll your endurance. A successful roll means you have resisted the taint; a failed roll means you must now roll a d23(/9 roll 23) to discover what C&B you've developed. Some of the mechanics of curses and blessings require direct communication with roleplayers for consent. If you think of one that is not on the list, let us know.

C&B's are not good things to have and should not be something your character seeks out. It is considered a mark of the Elder Curse and, even the useful ones, will be viewed with distaste. These are not the same as naturally occurring racial traits; if you develop one that is similar to a racial trait, it should become mutated or 'weird'. If you have 3 and do not cleanse yourself, you are consider Tainted and may be treated with suspicion or wariness, at 5, you become a Corrupted. C&B's may be diminished or even 'cleansed' by avoiding exposure over time, generally one(1) month. There are rumours that the Order and the Aedola know rituals to speed this up but this requires roleplay to discover for sure. 

1. Evil Eye: One of your eyes is corrupted and blind. However you possess the ability to see through objects. Not just objects but may also see on the astral level. Inorganic beings and spirits are revealed to you.

2. Blood Starved: You require blood at regular intervals, either from the corrupted or the blood of the innocent. This also heals you quickly and prolongs your life.

3. Holy Light: You glow with a holy light. This illuminates the dark and wards off shadows, however you are easily seen.

4. Beastly Visage: You are part beast and it courses through your blood, you can smell the blood of a person and can look quite feral. Sharp teeth, claws, spikes are usually indications of a person too far gone.

5. The Voice: Your voice is enchanted and you may seduce or stun opponents with it. Singing or conversing may allow you to coerce those who listen to bend to your will.

6. Doppelganger: You have a visceral force which manifests as another you. This may occur during a traumatic experience or be constant depending on the situation. This shadow of you may aid or attack you on a whim.

7. Dreamer: You are an adept dreamer and are capable of feats of insight. You may sometimes dream of coming events or uncover hidden truths. This also makes you more prone to constant fits of nightmares, fatigue, insomnia and madness.

8. Shadow Form: You turn into a living shadow and stalk the night. You have a ghostly visage and may move at an increased rate but are still barred entry to locked locations.

9. Transformation: When stressed, pushed to the limits or at irregular intervals you change into a beastly form. Your outward appearance seems natural however the transformation reveals your true persona.

10. Madness: Your knowledge of the occult and the elder gods have driven you mad, you are capable of profound insights but at the cost of your sanity. Ranting and raving are just minor manifestations of this condition but true madness lies within the dream.

11. Possessed: You are possessed by a malevolent spirit which uses your body as a means to its own ends. You may or may not know this however the only cure is an exorcism.

12. Apothecary: You are educated in the science of preparing and selling medicine. Prolonged experimentation has left your blood tainted and unnatural. Your blood is poisonous to the average person leaving you to live a solitary life.

13. Cannibalism: You are the eater of the dead and are granted strength and longevity of life from the consummation of your own kind.

14. Unnatural Beauty: You possess an unearthly beauty about you that cannot be ignored. To have achieved this you had to have undergone a sacrificial ritual of an innocent. Thus all beauty in Ystrad is eyed suspiciously and not easily trusted.

15. Beast Affinity: You can commune and understand the beasts of the world, whether they be the flying moth or the howling wolf. In fact you communicate more efficiently with animals than humans and do not possess the lingual finesse for complicated negotiations or communications.

16. Alienist: You are educated in the ways of psychology and are an investigator for the city watch. Investigating murders and studying criminal psychology has brought you one step closer to madness. You are less capable of dreaming and insensitive to the dreams of Ystrad.

17. Empathic: You can read the feelings, attitudes and maybe event the thoughts of others. Unable to turn off your ability, you are easily overwhelmed by crowds and shun gatherings. You find solace only in solitude and confinement.

18. Intolerance: You cannot tolerate other races in the world. You believe only your race has a place in Ystrad and may either be active or reactive to your bigotries. General intolerance may grant you a position of political power but it also ostracizes you from other alliances.

19. Incorruptible: You are not not susceptible to being corrupted by the beast and thus have retained your humanity. However hunters will not be able to tell the difference. This leaves you hiding or avoiding humanity for fear of prosecution.

20. Touched by Esus: You have been disfigured by the elder god Esus, either a limb has mutated into a mass of tentacles or you are slowly turning into the visual image of an elder god. Such monstrosities mark the bearer as deeply corrupted but grant additional agility and strength.

21. Hollowed Hands: You simply have a touch that heals. Your ability to heal others is legendary but drains you greatly. It may take you days or weeks to recover from healing someone's life back to them.

22. Fishmonger: You have the ability to stay prolonged underwater, perhaps indefinitely.

23. Axe Murderer: You have an insatiable desire to hack people to bits. If its not monsters, criminals or bounties it will certainly be the innocent. Best to keep busy with the odd job.


These cannot be received through exposure but require actual roleplay scenes

Quickening: You have killed a hunter for better or worse and extracted from their bones the power of the Night Root essence. This feat allows you to move over short distances incredibly fast without exposing yourself to physical harm.

 Aedola Bell: You have for better or worse acquired a hunter bell. It is an enchanted item which render all spells, including your own, inept within a thirty meter radius for the duration of the scene.

 Soul Gem: You possess a rare artifact. The soul gem is made of concentrated star metal and has caught the last dying energy of a living being. When used in tandem with your third eye, you may use the gem to see in the darkness as well as detect life within a range equal to your willpower in meters.

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