Just like other RP environments, Ystrad's staff members are roleplayers that have been entrusted with the management of the rules, settings and players. Feel free to ask ANY staff members for help. They are more than willing to offer you advice on story and character development, or address any concerns that you may have. Even if they can't help you themselves, they will point you in the right direction.


  • Fin(fingon)

~ all the things

  • Stark Osterham

~ building, storytelling

  • InbhirNarann

~ storytelling, support



  • Tae Westing(slrpb)
    • our script master and general awesomesauce


Staff Responsibilities

  • Staff are here to offer guidance to players, ensure that the rules are adhered to, and to mediate player disputes should such actions be required.
  • Staff are the creators and protectors of the Ystrad roleplay setting, and will intervene should any roleplay(er) violate its scope and themes. If a member contacts you about the themes/story of your roleplay, please do not be offended. They are merely trying to help you resolve any issues before it becomes a problem.
  • On occasion, staff may create events or put plot devices into play to help motivate roleplay. However, players are the primary drivers of roleplay in Ystrad and should not rely on the staff to create roleplay for them.
  • Staff do not enforce or dictate roleplay between players or groups. They can not force someone to engage with you, nor will they create special circumstances for the advancement of your personal roleplay. 
  • Staff will not create special circumstances for the advantage of one group or player over others, BUT they WILL offer guidance and support to players in the creation of their own events if requested.
  • Staff can only intervene in matters relating to roleplay. They will not become in involved in interpersonal conflicts unless it is affecting the greater roleplay community.
  • As a general policy, the staff will only intervene in RP disputes between players if they can not otherwise come to an agreement/resolution on their own.
  • the Staff ENCOURAGES EVERYONE to contact them directly for assistance, or if they feel that there is an issue that needs attention. Even if you just have questions about your roleplay; we are here to help, and will hold any discussion strictly in confidence if that is your desire.
  • Should staff intervene in a situation, they will always try to use their best judgment in order to resolve the issue fairly and efficiently.
  • Staff will also use their best judgment in determining the appropriate punishment for violating the rules. These may include voids, retcons, temporary suspension from the sim and/or website, or character bans (different from a player ban).
  • Permanent or temporary player bans from Ystrad are rare. Any player ban requires a majority vote of all staff before being implemented. As such, the action is typically not subject to appeal.
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