These rules apply to all things Ystrad. Failure to familiarize yourself with the rules is not a valid excuse for violating them. Moderators will always try to issue warnings first when approaching potential rules violations. However, in-world and website/social media bans may be issued for blatant and repeat violations.

~No meta-gaming. Players may only use information that their characters have knowledge of through roleplay or other in-character means.

~ No god-modding or power-gaming. No character is perfect, no character is all-powerful, no character is invincible, and no character is above consequences.

~ Respect fellow players limits, OOC bully will not be tolerated. If someone does not want to play something out due to feeling uncomfortable, they have a right to decline. Remember, this is a game, it is meant to be fun. When the fun stops, that is a problem

~ Griefing and trolling will be defined broadly and dealt with harshly

~ Roleplayers may expect to encounter foul language, sexual and/or controversial themes and violence. If you are uncomfortable with a situation, the burden is on you to remove yourself before it becomes an issue.

In Character Actions = In Character Consequences. Consent is a right but not a loop-hole to pick and choose what parts of an engaged RP you will acknowledge nor a way to escape the consequences of your character’s actions. If it is determined that a player is abusing the consent rule to avoid the consequences of their own RP, a moderator or admin will intervene.

~ While this is an adult rated sim, we ask that you keep genitalia covered up and sexually themed interactions to their appropriate locations, and out of public areas.

~ We are not a BDSM/fetish sim. This includes any appearance, commentary, actions or roleplay that the admins designate as not fitting within the theme, lore or setting. 

~ Private residences are Off Limits. Do not enter without the owner's expressed consent. 

~ Keep OOC chatter to a minimum. Use ((double parentheses or brackets)) when speaking OOC'ly and please keep it short. Do not hinder other roleplayers. If you are unable to rp or must step away, an ((AFK)) or ((BRB)) is acceptable and welcome. If you must speak ooc'ly, please keep it to IM's

~ We are all adults here. Do not engage in a verbal fight or start a feud. If you have a problem with another player/group, attempt to resolve it diplomatically and without hostility. If you are unable to resolve the situation on your own, contact an admin.

Titlers should be as limited and minimal as possible. We are all wordsmiths of the highest caliber here!

~ Rule breaking follows a 3 strike system. First incident will receive a warning. Second incident will result in a one week suspension. If a third incident occurs, players will be permanently removed from the sim. Please read the rules and respect your fellow players. We reserve the right to remove any player at any time if deemed necessary

~ Follow the Golden Rule: Don't be a dick. Any behavior that is deemed disruptive to the community will not be tolerated.


~ Roleplay locations can be ic'ly damaged. These are general guidelines and can be overridden with admin approval. The following is for Roleplay Locations only, any damage to private residences must be discussed prior:

  • Minor damage. (Broken windows or doors; trash or graffiti on the exterior; minor theft or lockpicking without entry) This can be done without permission, but the ic owner/faction head must be notified after the fact via roleplay logs.
  • Moderate damage. (Fire, interior damage, major theft/B&E) You must get permission of the ic owner/faction head and they can refuse if there is no valid roleplay reason.
  • Full Destruction: Irreparable damage or destruction of a roleplay location requires admin approval and a valid IC reason for it
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