Arturo Perth dreamed of a Tree and carried a Seed into the waking world, where it grew into the Night Root. From its sap, an Elixir was created: curing afflictions, extending life and granting great power. Using this, Ystrad established its own autonomy with the founding of The Order.

But Ystrad has become a conduit of energy, as the Night Root links all those around it to the Dreaming, a realm where beautiful and terrifying beings rule. 

Monsters, plague, insanity and greed move through the valley, drawing those with dark purpose like a magnet. The Order strives for balance, while pursuing their own agenda as the ruling power. The Aedola Hunters have splintered from the Order, moving permanently to Nurem, the cave beneath the city.


~ the Elixir of the Night Root is considered the greatest healing miracle given to the mortal world. It is also an addictive source of power that many seek out to enhance their own, including through Curses & Blessings.

~ the Elixir is obsessively controlled by the Order and only from a member, or the Black Market, can one receive a vial. The more diluted it is, the easier and cheaper it will be to get.

~ Ystrad is part of a distant northern monarchy, the Kingdom of Yhorm. Once a multi-racial country, humanity has become more widespread and dominant until a full blown war has broken out. Genocide and racial restrictions have become commonplace, driving metahumans into the nearby mountain ranges. Thanks to Ystrad's remoteness, the war has been mostly just information passed on by the traders that come through but more and more refugees have begun moving in, as the city expanded; something that the populace have very mixed feelings about.

~ Geographically, Ystrad is located in a remote valley high up in the mountains. The snow rarely melts from the surrounding peaks but the city itself is kept moderately temperate due to the Sun Stone that helps power it. Nurem, the cavern kingdom of the Umbra Elves, is located beneath it; it generally takes about a few hours to traverse the tunnels, depending on your natural movement speed. The Black Forest is located on a lower part of the mountains, reached by passing through Nurem and is generally warmer due to the desert found on the far side of it.

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