Ystrad is a dark fantasy sim with some magitech/steampunk elements. This allows many kinds of characters and races spanning various lores and mythologies. Because of this, we accept most races and classes. If you are unsure of how or where to start, do not be afraid to message for help!

~ magitech/steampunk style prosthetics and automatons are allowed 

~ in general, the clothing standards are medieval to steampunk. zippers are ok, latex is not, try to avoid anything too modern or sci-fi looking. 

While we are open to many things, there are some that do not fit the environment we are striving for. The following is a list that can NOT be played:

  • furries
    • we allow anthros but they must be realistic and fit with the theme. if you are not sure, ask
    • we reserve the right to refuse your avatar appearance
  • anime/cartoonish
  • children
  • gods/demi-gods or any other clearly overpowered being
  • any clearly recognizable canon characters that belong to other real life settings

~ we reserve the right to make inworld decisions on both character and avatar appearance. while we do not seek to limit anyone's creativity, not everything will fit within our lore and setting 

~ any questions, contact a staff member

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