Welcome to Ystrad Rentals!

while we are happy to have you live on the sim, there are some rules and policies that we ask you to follow/respect:

  • Rentals are for sim roleplayers only
  • Any visitors to a private rental must follow all sim rules and are not allowed to disrupt roleplay
  • Only rent a sim business if you are interested in running that business. Some of the business rentals come with living space, some do not so please plan accordingly
  • You can find rentals by exploring the sim or checking the kiosk in the welcome center
  • We reserve the right to remove anyone from their rental if deemed necessary

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!



The yHud is a simple attachment to augment your roleplay in Ystrad. Please note: this is not a replacement or requirement for roleplay. It is here to enhance and allow for the randomness of dice rolling on a customized sheet. You do not have to build your sheet before beginning roleplay here; build it when you're ready!

It is command-driven, and the default channel is 9, so to communicate with it, use /9 from your chat window. You will note that no titler comes with our hud. This is done intentionally as I will not be allowing titlers on sim. At best, titlers are immersion breaking, ugly and lazy; at worst, they encourage metagaming. Ystrad was built with evolution, idealization, optimization and 'next-gen' appearance and roleplay stories in mind, let's leave the hover text behind!


1. Setup

This creates the initial character on the HUD. To set up a new character called Alice:

/9 setup name=character name,intelligence=#,agility=#,strength=#,endurance=#,perception=#,charisma=#

Note that all six base values can be customized: no lower than 15, no higher than 40 for a total of 180. each attribute is used to create your skills/health/stamina:

Knowledge: int+per
Medicine: int+char
Science: int+end
Social: char+per
Subterfuge: char+agi
Melee: str+end
Ranged: str+agi
Survival: end+agi
Intuition: per+str

Health: 10% of end+str(1-10 scale) 
Mental: 10% of end+int (1-10 scale)

2. Commit it to the server

Once setup has been complete, committing (saving) the character is as simple as:

/9 create

Note that once a character has been created it can no longer be modified by a player (only by an admin)

To post as your loaded character, use:




The HUD has a built in dice roller allowing you to roll against any of your available statistics, or a general die. The default die is a d100 but this can be changed to any die.

To roll a d100:

/9 roll

To roll a d6:

/9 roll 6

You can change 6 to be any (sensible) number to roll with, so for a d10, use /9 roll 10 and so on.

To roll against a stat (e.g. medicine):

/9 roll medicine

This will roll against your medicine value. If you roll under this value, you have successfully passed the skill check. Above, and you fail. The HUD will notify you of the outcome


To load a character:

/9 load (character Name)

To set a default character(if you have multiple chars in the system):

/9 default (character name)

To see online character sheet:

/9 sheet

To reset the script:

/9 script

To get the build number of the HUD

/9 build

To bring up a command list

/9 help

To hide/show the information display:

/9 display


§5 Combat

In the world of Ystrad, it is only a matter of time till you run up against a tough situation which will demand you make every effort to survive. Combat ensues whenever two characters face off and begin assaulting one another. Remember that, while the actual scene may take awhile, the 'real' time of the encounter will have flowed more naturally and quickly. A good rule of thumb is that each turn accounts for roughly 10-30 seconds of 'real' time. I have broken down the combat into phases so you may better understand the flow of combat.

1. Initiative.
-Only roll this for groups of 3 or more if agreed upon, post order is the default. Each character involved will roll a d100(just /9 roll). Whoever scores the highest goes first, followed by the second and so on until the round is over. If two players roll the same number, they should reroll. 

2. Make a contested roll.
-Players should post their attempted action then roll. If the attacker rolls successfully, the defender rolls to contest. If both players are successful, the higher roll wins. If one player succeeds and the other fails, the successful player wins the contested roll. If both fail, nothing happens. If a critical success is rolled on attack, the defender does not roll. If the defender rolls a critical then the attack is negated. If both players roll a critical success, they cancel each other out. This continues until all players have had their turn. It is very important to not jump post order during this time.

3. Damage

- If an attack is successful and the targeted player is injured:

  • normal attack roll = -1 to health
  • critical success attack roll = -2 to health

- To change your health: /9 health + or - #

4. Determining the Scene End
-If no one is defeated then the next turn begins following the same steps until a player breaks off from the combat (successfully escapes) or is defeated.

5. Combat Healing

- Each day, you start with full hud health. This does not negate any injuries received prior to the reset, those should still be roleplayed out accordingly.

- For healing while in a combat scene:

  •  if there's an opportunity, you must roll a successful medical check, either by yourself or others.
  • However, whoever is doing the healing CANNOT also attack. it's one or the other
    • normal medical roll = +1 to health
    • critical success medical roll = +2 to health
  • To change your health: /9 health + or - #



Mojo set off an alarm and it doesn't take long for the guard to show up well armed.

Guard rolls his ranged skill(50) trying to take a shot at Mojo and rolls 42, a success.

Mojo rolls to dodge(30) and rolls a 22, a critical success. The guard fails to hit Mojo and Mojo dances a jig while laughing.

Mojo decides to use his own bow and fires back at the guard. He rolls a 56 against his ranged skill(60). The guard rolls an 8 against his survival skill(40) but Mojo rolled higher and scored a hit on the Guard.

The guard is lightly damaged by Mojo's shot and the round ends. A new round with a new set of actions will begin until one of them is either defeated or escapes.


These rules apply to all things Ystrad. Failure to familiarize yourself with the rules is not a valid excuse for violating them. Moderators will always try to issue warnings first when approaching potential rules violations. However, in-world and website/social media bans may be issued for blatant and repeat violations.

~No meta-gaming. Players may only use information that their characters have knowledge of through roleplay or other in-character means.

~ No god-modding or power-gaming. No character is perfect, no character is all-powerful, no character is invincible, and no character is above consequences.

~ Respect fellow players limits, OOC bully will not be tolerated. If someone does not want to play something out due to feeling uncomfortable, they have a right to decline. Remember, this is a game, it is meant to be fun. When the fun stops, that is a problem

~ Griefing and trolling will be defined broadly and dealt with harshly

~ Roleplayers may expect to encounter foul language, sexual and/or controversial themes and violence. If you are uncomfortable with a situation, the burden is on you to remove yourself before it becomes an issue.

In Character Actions = In Character Consequences. Consent is a right but not a loop-hole to pick and choose what parts of an engaged RP you will acknowledge nor a way to escape the consequences of your character’s actions. If it is determined that a player is abusing the consent rule to avoid the consequences of their own RP, a moderator or admin will intervene.

~ While this is an adult rated sim, we ask that you keep genitalia covered up and sexually themed interactions to their appropriate locations, and out of public areas.

~ We are not a BDSM/fetish sim. This includes any appearance, commentary, actions or roleplay that the admins designate as not fitting within the theme, lore or setting. 

~ Private residences are Off Limits. Do not enter without the owner's expressed consent. 

~ Keep OOC chatter to a minimum. Use ((double parentheses or brackets)) when speaking OOC'ly and please keep it short. Do not hinder other roleplayers. If you are unable to rp or must step away, an ((AFK)) or ((BRB)) is acceptable and welcome. If you must speak ooc'ly, please keep it to IM's

~ We are all adults here. Do not engage in a verbal fight or start a feud. If you have a problem with another player/group, attempt to resolve it diplomatically and without hostility. If you are unable to resolve the situation on your own, contact an admin.

Titlers should be as limited and minimal as possible. We are all wordsmiths of the highest caliber here!

~ Rule breaking follows a 3 strike system. First incident will receive a warning. Second incident will result in a one week suspension. If a third incident occurs, players will be permanently removed from the sim. Please read the rules and respect your fellow players. We reserve the right to remove any player at any time if deemed necessary

~ Follow the Golden Rule: Don't be a dick. Any behavior that is deemed disruptive to the community will not be tolerated.


~ Roleplay locations can be ic'ly damaged. These are general guidelines and can be overridden with admin approval. The following is for Roleplay Locations only, any damage to private residences must be discussed prior:

  • Minor damage. (Broken windows or doors; trash or graffiti on the exterior; minor theft or lockpicking without entry) This can be done without permission, but the ic owner/faction head must be notified after the fact via roleplay logs.
  • Moderate damage. (Fire, interior damage, major theft/B&E) You must get permission of the ic owner/faction head and they can refuse if there is no valid roleplay reason.
  • Full Destruction: Irreparable damage or destruction of a roleplay location requires admin approval and a valid IC reason for it
The city of Ystrad...legendary and mysterious, it is on the brink. People will tell you that only there can you live forever, that the lame can walk, the sick are cured and death has been banished. Shining bastion blessed by the Elder Gods....
Not all rumours are lies but these miracles come at a price...

Just like other RP environments, Ystrad's staff members are roleplayers that have been entrusted with the management of the rules, settings and players. Feel free to ask ANY staff members for help. They are more than willing to offer you advice on story and character development, or address any concerns that you may have. Even if they can't help you themselves, they will point you in the right direction.


  • Fin(fingon)

~ all the things

  • Stark Osterham

~ building, storytelling

  • InbhirNarann

~ storytelling, support



  • Tae Westing(slrpb)
    • our script master and general awesomesauce


Staff Responsibilities

  • Staff are here to offer guidance to players, ensure that the rules are adhered to, and to mediate player disputes should such actions be required.
  • Staff are the creators and protectors of the Ystrad roleplay setting, and will intervene should any roleplay(er) violate its scope and themes. If a member contacts you about the themes/story of your roleplay, please do not be offended. They are merely trying to help you resolve any issues before it becomes a problem.
  • On occasion, staff may create events or put plot devices into play to help motivate roleplay. However, players are the primary drivers of roleplay in Ystrad and should not rely on the staff to create roleplay for them.
  • Staff do not enforce or dictate roleplay between players or groups. They can not force someone to engage with you, nor will they create special circumstances for the advancement of your personal roleplay. 
  • Staff will not create special circumstances for the advantage of one group or player over others, BUT they WILL offer guidance and support to players in the creation of their own events if requested.
  • Staff can only intervene in matters relating to roleplay. They will not become in involved in interpersonal conflicts unless it is affecting the greater roleplay community.
  • As a general policy, the staff will only intervene in RP disputes between players if they can not otherwise come to an agreement/resolution on their own.
  • the Staff ENCOURAGES EVERYONE to contact them directly for assistance, or if they feel that there is an issue that needs attention. Even if you just have questions about your roleplay; we are here to help, and will hold any discussion strictly in confidence if that is your desire.
  • Should staff intervene in a situation, they will always try to use their best judgment in order to resolve the issue fairly and efficiently.
  • Staff will also use their best judgment in determining the appropriate punishment for violating the rules. These may include voids, retcons, temporary suspension from the sim and/or website, or character bans (different from a player ban).
  • Permanent or temporary player bans from Ystrad are rare. Any player ban requires a majority vote of all staff before being implemented. As such, the action is typically not subject to appeal.
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