The Shodans are an ancient race of celestial beings which is said to have come from the stars, over three centuries before the city of Ystrad was built.
Not much is known about the mysteries race of beings, other than they seem to have a high form of technology and magic. It is said when they first arrived in Yhorm they appeared in the skies, and helped the people of lands through the use of their knowledge. They helped animals to thrive and harvests to grow, all while staying out of the political struggles of the world.
It is said, that they have formed a special relationship with the Academy, who serve as their mediators within the world in exchange for the technology available in current times.
Shodans have a higher level of strength and endurance than an average creature of the world, however they are not invulnerable. they also appear to be ageless, and may live many centuries beyond the other beings of Yhorm.
They appear to have their own language and culture which forbids them from interfering with the cultural affairs of the world. They tend to appear and disappear at will and conjure a form of magic, singular to only them.
They are viewed upon as dispassionate observers and travelers within Yhorm and are extremely dangerous if pushed to conflict. It is said that to meet a Shodan traveler is a well received omen and all care must be taken to not offend these strange beings. Sometimes they will heal or cure an ailment in a person or allow them to ascend to their home to live out their days.
What is known is that they are tolerated throughout the Ystrad kingdom, and keep to themselves. If you happen to have dealings with a traveler, it would be wise to offer a gift or offering.

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